We are ZURK. We host applications and websites that require the fastest hardware and connection available.

Our services


Host your application or website in our Cloud

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Rent your own server, physical or virtual.

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Backup your data to our multiple locations

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Our infrastructure


Our servers are fully SSD, 1 Gbps network connected and run powerful Xeon processors with DDR4 ECC RAM. We know that our customers require performance when it matters, so we don’t skimp on our hardware.

We manage our own high availability infrastructure in datacentres around the world. We are continuously researching and developing new innovative products to offer our customers.

Global Network

To ensure high speeds, guaranteed bandwidth and low latency times, we have chosen to distribute our hardware across the planet. We utilise a global fibre optic network to offer amazing capacity and performance across our platform.

All our servers include protection against DDoS attacks, and we are capable of mitigation up to 480 Gbps attacks.

Automation (API)

We’ve built our infrastructure to scale. Which means we can offer you an API to provision our services within seconds! Useful for when you need to deploy code quickly. Amazingly, you only pay for the resources you use!

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